ProFM Helpdesk FAQ

Is it really free to use?

Yes. You only need to register to use the ProFM Helpdesk software free of charge. There are no hidden costs.

And how long is it going to be free?

As long as you need it. There is no time limit. If you are satisfied with the facilities provided by the free system, you can use it as long as you wish. You only have to pay if you want to use additional services.

What are those additional services?

Measures designed primarily to improve data safety and efficiency. They include the regular (monthly, weekly and daily) data backups, data cleaning, and data restoration. Further, the employment of a larger-output, faster and larger-capacity server for your data. Possibly the the data entry to a protected (https) server, etc.

It is worth mentioning that our Premium service may help improve your company's image because after the removal of the "Free" label, you can offer your clients a solid breakdown management system.

What does it mean that I do not need costly hardware investment?

The ProFM Helpdesk, our web based breakdown reporting and maintenance management solution is based on a new technology, the so-called ASP (Application Service Providing). The essence of the system is that all software and data are stored on vintoCON's central servers, and you only need a web browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc.) and Internet connection. In this way you can use ProFM Helpdesk day and night, every day of the week. Not just in your office, all around the world, wherever you have connection.

Are my data safe in the ProFM Helpdesk system?

Yes. No matter which ProFM Helpdesk service package you use, your data are located in protected application and database servers. No other users or unauthorized persons can have access to the data. In our monthly-fee Premium package, even the communication between the browser and the server is encoded.

Are my data preserved if I change to a new service package?

Yes, of course. The database of the ProFM Helpdesk system is entirely compatible with the database of the vintoCON product line, and even several products can be integrated. Also, if you change to a more advanced package, your data will be fully available for the new service.

Can I use ProFM Helpdesk for facilities management services?

Yes, of course. The workflow of the ProFM Helpdesk System fully supports all total necessary steps of facility management activities: from the breakdown reporting through the well tracable planning till closing of the particular work. Thanks for the supported user roles, it's well controlled which user can see the reports and in which way.

Can I use ProFM Helpdesk for maintaining production equipments or other facilities?

Yes, of course. The breakdown handling workflow is similar at the production equipment to the expensive or mission critical facilities. The system is equally adaptable to handling the maintenance of whatever facilities with a properly planned workflow.

Can I use ProFM Helpdesk for tracking issues on an IT system?

Yes, it is possible. Our web based helpdesk solution is fully able to handle the issues of an IT system. It is supported to track the whole communication between the client and service provider, and all trouble tickets get unique identifiers.

News & Events

New version released with ArchiCAD 17 support
10. December 2013

We have just released the new hosted version at the end of last week on our servers, and also we are going to update the local installations by our clients based on our service contracts.

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