OrthoGraph Inventory F.A.Q.

How can I use the recorded inventory data in my accounting software?
The system has several standard outlets, and one of those simple text formats (XML or .xsl), can normally be imported to any ordinary accounting software. Those outlet formats contain all surveyed data and characteristics. They can be used for easy data connection even if the required connection type is not available as a default.
 OrthoGraph can usually be expected to establish two-way data communication with financial or management systems. This is already possible with several major systems by the simple use of a data connection module. Data connection may be established with other systems too, as required. The benefits include direct data exchange and easy on-site availability of existing data, which will be useful, for example, in the case of follow-up inventory.

Can the recorded data be used for inventory to accelerate work?
OrthoGraph Inventory is an excellent solution for follow-up inventory, which is considerably facilitated by the on-site availability of the recorded data, search function, and the visually well-structured data storage, all of which promote easy orientation, both automatically and manually, in the inventory data. Other important benefits for follow-up inventory is the mobility of the inventory items and the missing objects inventory function.

Does the OrthoGraph work with a built-in bar code scanner?
The system may be used with a standard built-in bar code scanner. We have tested Symbol's MC1000 model that has a built-in bar code scanner, and we have received positive feedback from several customers.

In what form does the OrthoGraph Inventory store data? Can they be transported easily?
OrthoGraph Inventory stores the survey information in files, which is its own data format. They are easily transported and copied. PDAs typically have limited running memory but it is easily extended with SD or other types of memory cards. The advantages of using the file format include the usability of the said extensions and the simple storage and transport of the files. The OrthoGraph ProjectManager program enables the easy transfer of the data to other systems, and even direct data base connection may be established. The data transfer is aided by the built-in export functions by means of standard formats that are easily interpreted by other programs. Those file formats include XLS, XML, DWG, and TXT.

Can I make documents with OrthoGraph Inventory about the movement of goods?
OrthoGraph Inventory is designed to assess inventories and track changes therein. Documentation of the movement of goods, like the preparation of other kinds of amortization, release and receipt sheets, is a service provided by inventory management systems. The OrthoGraph system can be easily connected to these systems either through the standard outlet (XLS, XML, TXT) or direct data base connection. Several solutions are already available for the latter option, and new data connection modules may also be easily added to the system. Their advantages include direct data connection to the inventory system, and the two-way transfer and receipt of the data.

Why are PDAs better than Tablet PCs for inventories?
OrthoGraph Survey Inventory software run on a PDA or Windows mobile based device. During the development of the software, portability and simple on-site work were our priorities, which are supported by PDAs more than by Tablet PCs, due to their nature. Tablet PCs are, in effect, conventional laptops with touch-screen displays, whose advantage of greater capacity is outweighed by the pronounced disadvantages of being less mobile, sensitivity to shaking, contamination, dust and dampness, shorter usage when the laptops run on batteries, and considerably higher prices. If other equipment is to be used (laser distance recorder or bar code scanner), a Tablet PC leaves virtually no hand for holding the other equipment, and has to be put down near the point to be surveyed.


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