ShareYourDesign – the ultimate BIM-based collaboration web service for ArchiCAD has been released

Vista, California – Budapest, Hungary, August 1 – ProFM Inc. – in partnership with vintoCON®, the leading international ArchiCAD software developer partner – announced today the startup of its Building Information Modeling (BIM) based web service, ShareYourDesign (SyD™). This new online service is an easy to use friendly environment enabling collaboration between architects, clients and all team members.

This BIM-based collaboration tool brings together all parties involved in the building design and construction process. SyD™ cloud computing technology expands the BIM collaboration environment to the sharing and discussion of designs between architects, clients and all project team members, such as engineers, owners, consultants, vendors, etc.  SyD™ allows users to share part of a floor plan, discuss a 3D view in a model or swap ideas on a specific object.

Architects, by clicking an object within ArchiCAD, can invite project members to web-based Message Boards thus initiating dialogues with their clients and co-workers. All kinds of information, such as design images, property lists, links to object specifications etc., can be exchanged through the Message Board associated with a particular project. No specific solution or device on the client’s side is required to use the SyD™ service other than a simple web browser.

”We’re confident that this brand new service will soon become very popular among all ArchiCAD users. ShareYourDesign offers an easy-to-use solution with secure access to all kinds of information embedded in the BIM model at anytime and anywhere, allowing architects and their clients to collaborate on building-related issues, share information, eliminate traditional barriers, thus cutting costs.”, said Mr. Ádám Korbuly, CEO of vintoCON.

By using ShareYourDesign users can forget having to travel to appointments that are difficult to organize anyway, easily see all ongoing discussions, share ideas supported with images and see everything historically resulting in a well documented building project.

ShareYourDesign is available through the following link:, and during the beta testing period its use is free of charge.


About ProFM Inc.: ProFM Inc., based in California, USA, is a cutting edge web based CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Services) software technology developer, with many years of experience working with architecture CAD software developer houses like vintoCON and OrthoGraph. Now ProFM Inc. is entering the architectural CAD market with its new software service product, ShareYourDesign, soon to be followed by further CAD products.

About vintoCON: Established by the former management of Graphisoft’s ArchiFM Business Division, vintoCON is continuing the development of Graphisoft’s renowned CAFM/CMMS product portfolio and various listing/reporting/document and maintenance management add-ons for ArchiCAD. The proven BIM-based solutions of vintoCON, in seamless integration with ArchiCAD, open new dimensions for construction professionals throughout the entire building lifecycle ­- from the design process through the construction stages all the way to facility operation and maintenance management.



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